About InpolKrak

The family company „InpolKrak” was created in 1994 in Kraków. Its offer includes highly processed films and steel products. Recently the company also started offering professional processing of such products. The company has a robust network of retail points in Kraków, Gdańsk, Tarnowskie Góry, Radom, Wrocław and Murowana Goślina. Additionally, the company has enclosed warehouses in Kraków, Kluczbork, Tarnowskie Góry and Murowana Goślina. The company distinguishes itself through comprehensive customer service and high quality materials.

Our history

InpolKrak is company that has been conducting activity since 1994. From the moment of its inception the offer of InpolKrak has developed significantly. At first the company offered forged and drawn metallurgic steel products. Over time, the offer was expanded with products from quality carbon steels, and in 2004 with packaging films – multi-layer polyethlene films, PVC films, as well as APET and BOPET films made of polyester.

InpolKrak cooperates not only with Polish manufacturers, but also with foreign partners from countries such as USA, Great Britian, Germany, Italy and Belgium. All of them are reliable and offer high quality products, which means that InpolKrak’s offer can satisfy even the most demanding customers

The company has a reputation of using state-of-the-art methods in purchasing, sales and distribution. In combination with a flexible and attractive offer this has brought the company many awards and prestigious certificates confirming the reliability and high quality of the company’s services.

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The core of the company's activity is based around:

Modern sales methods

Distribution and constant expansion of our capabilities, to keep meeting the expectations of the market.

The offer of InpolKrak is flexible and highly competitive.

Certificates and awards